Joe Harberg is a Co-Founder and Partner in Eneract, LLC., a leading electricity brokerage firm and exhibitioner of green, sustainable and energy efficient products.

Since we sold Current Energy in late 2010, many friends have asked me questions concerning energy efficiency and saving money.  It is obvious people are still very concerned about what their bills will look like in the future.  I offer this site as a way to help you save money, so enjoy and let me know if you have particular questions or concerns that I can help with going forward

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    Eneract’s goal is to "partner" and promote great manufacturers, distributors and retailers of outstanding, sustainable and energy efficient products and to directly educate the public on money saving and environmental benefits that come with living a more earth-friendly lifestyle. 

    In September 2011, Eneract, LLC became the Executive Producer and Owner of The Home of Tomorrow exhibition at the 125th annual State Fair of Texas. This featured event, at one of the largest annual gatherings of people in North America, is the continued evolution of Joe Harberg's efforts to promote energy efficiency and a greener lifestyle to the public. Joe started this quest in 2006 creating The Current Energy Store- The World's First Energy Efficiency Store.

    Since the Fair, Eneract has become the "go-to" exhibitor of sustainable and energy efficient products and technololgies; committing to showcase some of the world's finest items at The Great Big Texas Home Show at Cowboy Stadium and the Plano Green Festival in March 2012.  For April 2012, exhibits are being planned for SMU, Northpark Center and The Dallas Earth Day celebration at Fair Park.  It is estimated that over 150 thousand people will have walked through Eneract exhibitions in the 7 month period: from the State Fair of Texas exhibition in October 2011 through the Dallas Earth Day exhibit in April 2012.

                 Eneract has also worked with the Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity at SMU and Oxford University to find and deploy housing and shelter technology to all levels of housing including the 3 billion people on the planet that live on less that $10 per week.